Quality Policies


Our vision is to be a department which develops the knowledge and technology to provide the national educational, research and application requirements; at international level, aiming scientiffic improvements.


Our mission is;

to be distinguished by engineering students due to its knowledge and technology development;

to educate demanded and preferred engineers that are equipped with fundamental engineering knowledge, achieved an awareness of being beneficial to society, entrepreneur, visionary, have a sense of mission and scientific consideration and can solve problems under the light of universal understanding and consideration; contribute technological development by using national resources, lead development of new product and modern design. 


Our aim is;
To constitute an institution that educate engineers, Msc and PhD engineers that are equipped with fundamental and engineering knowledge, learned modern advanced technologies and engineering techniques; achieved an awareness of economics, environment and quality; have the ability to create individual ideas, to work with working team, to apply and improve the fullfilled projects, to integrate the experince gained with science, to contribute universal values; to educate individuals that have the ability to benefit from engineering techniques by using required equipment and communication hardware.
Apply their knowledge about science anf mathematics on the field of Metallurgy and Materials.
Learn the required skill and techniques for engineering practices.
Have the ability of resolving problems of the profession in social and global context.
Design the system, product, process or treatment regarding to the quality, economical and environmental requirements.
Gain the knowledge and skill to develop new products and advanced production processes.
Perform a multidisciplinary teamwork.
Determine metallurgical and material problems, formulize, solve, design the tests, conduct and interpret the results.
Use effective verbal and written communication.
Use modern engineering techniques.
Apprehend etical responsibilities of the profession.
Have the consciousness of lifelonf education.