Working Areas

Metallurgical and Materials Enginnering includes the research, development and application of processes required for the production of materials that have the desired features and to change their shape and properties from the natural mineral resources and secondary raw materials; the selection and production of the most appropriate material; analysis of their behaviour and protection from damaging effects during working; and recycling of materials that fulfilled its economic life.

In addition to the given areas above, Metallurgical and Materials Enginnering includes the production, investigation and improvement of the properties of ceramics, plastics and composite materials play an important role in our profession as well as the development of strategies for design and utilization of materials, the research for new utilization areas and improvement of environmental effects of metallurgical processes.

Metallurgical and Materials Enginnering education includes the theoretical, practical applications required for education of engineers that have the background for planning and apply the applications in the activity fields explained above, have he ability to use the modern technologies and apply them to the profession; can improve own progression over fundamental knowledge; be conversant to teamwork.

Witihin this scope, the students of Metallurgical an Materials Engineering get information about the fundamental knowledge about the designing of production processes and their analysis; investigation of metalluyrgical reactions; calculations of kinetics and material balances; shaping of materials; designing and applying the required processes to improve the features of materials.

The graduates of Metallurgical and Materials Enginnering have the opporitnity to work at integrated metal production facilities; rolling mills; foundries; heat treatment, powder metallurgy and forging industries; seramics production facilities and about corrosion subjects in the production, qulity and control and R&D departments.